Do we sell stockfeed.

Yes sell a large array of feeds for Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Goats, Alpacas, All poultry, Rabbit and Guinea Pigs. If we currently do not stock a particular feed please ask and we will endeavour to stock this for you.

Are we open on the weekend.

Yes we are Saturday 8am till 1pm and Sunday 9am till 12pm. We are closed on Public Holidays

Do you sell Seed and pasture products.

Yes we sell a very large variety of seed and fertiliser, depending on availability from our suppliers we can usually get most seed that our customers require.

Do we stock farm supplies.

Being associated with Landmark and Thrifty Link Hardware we have a large range of farming products such as hay netting and twine, sprayers and spray equipment, Fire Fighting pumps and water pumps. We also stock permapole fencing pole, fencing wire. We welcome our customers to come to our store and we will work with you to help with all your farming requirements.